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    【九屆通譯杯】大賽輔導-Writing 寫作 2

     2019-09-24    通譯翻譯|同聲傳譯

    大賽輔導-Writing 寫作 2


             截止到去年5月,已獲批準在川設立領事機構的國家已達17個,分別是美國、德國、韓國、泰國、法國、新加坡、巴基斯坦、菲律賓、斯里蘭卡、澳大利亞、新西蘭、以色列、波蘭、捷克、印度、瑞士、奧地利。已開館的領事機構已有14家。 成都已經成為了名副其實的“西部領館第一城”,并不斷地擴大自己的國際影響力。再這樣的大背景之下,第九屆“通譯杯”口譯大賽拉開了帷幕。


            駐華外事機構可以分為很多種,最常見的是大使館和總領事館。其中外國駐華大使館只能設立在中國首都,即北京。大使館(Embassy)的館長一般是大使(Ambassador),但也可以是其他等級的外交人員。大使下設公使銜參贊(Minister Counsellor)大使館的首要職責是代表派遣國,促進兩國的政治關系,其次是促進經濟、文化、教育、科技等方面的關系,專門負責推動以上方面工作的官員,如文化事務部長參贊,即Minister Counsellor for Cultural Affairs。使館同時具有領事職能。促進兩國關系和人民間的往來是領事館的重要職責,但其最主要的職責是領事工作。而在成都設立的外國總領館(Consulate General)其館長即總領事(Counsel General)除了總領事之外,還有負責具體工作的領事(Counsel)和負責其他事項的官員。一般在中文當中,駐成都、上海、重慶這幾座較重要的城市的總領館簡稱為駐蓉、駐滬、駐渝總領館。




    On the occasion of the opening ceremony of 2017 Chengdu Design and Creativity Week, the guest country of honor, Poland will present the Polish National Pavilion. And the Vice Counsel will give a speech on this subject.



    首先還是需要對內容進行分析預判。在文化設計周上的演講當然要圍繞著與此相關的內容,作為本國代表,副總領事應該會介紹和推廣本土設計師、藝術家,并對本國文化設計歷史傳統進行介紹。 同時,講話中還應該向主辦方表示感謝,并表達對此次活動的美好祝愿。


    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to bring more Polish design to Chengdu artists and residents and on behalf of Counsel Kataryna Wiilowiecka and my colleagues from consular corp for bringing this platform in Chengdu to introduce best international and European designers. Polish designers since years actively contribute to European and international and trends especially in public spaces design, industrial design and utility objects such as furniture.

    Design connects industries to art, help to transform industries and services, and just makes our daily life simpler and more enjoyable, not mentioning that it also makes us more efficient. Polish accents on 2017 Chengdu Design and Creativity Week will include Public Space Design lecture by Professor of Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, Mr. Jerzy Porebski, who created famous city installations placed all around Warsaw—Chopin benches concept. Thanks to Mr. Jerzy Porebski when you visit major pedestrian areas inWarswa such as Krakowskie Przedmiescie or Old Town while sitting on the bench you could listen to Chopin’s music and enjoy Canaletto paintings. During the lecture he will share other great ideas to bring up spirit of cities.

    In Poland’s pavilion you will also enjoy interior design concepts, daily life object such as amber art or fashion jewelry, and get more information about Lodz Young Fashion – the most prestigious competitions for young designers in Europe, open also for entries from overseas young designers. Lodz city, sister city of Chengdu is actually also Poland’s capital of design and hosts yearly many events bringing fresh perspective for European and international design circles such as Fashion Week and Lodz Design Festival, is candidate for Expo 2022 with the topic on city revitalization.

    Polish accents at Chengdu Creativity and Design Week are some of many events that our Consulate General organizes with various cultural institutions in Chengdu this year, under the name of Polish Golden Autumn in Chengdu. We’ll have exhibitions, lectures, children’s activities, musical concerts, promotion of Sichuan sister province: Lodzkie region in the field of food and innovation technology. I would like to invite you to participate in all events of Polish Golden Autumn in Chengdu. Detailed information about the schedule can be found on our website also in Chinese language.

    I hope that Chengdu Creativity and Design Week as well as other events will bring Poland closer to you, will bring more exchanges between Chengdu and Poland’s creative industries and that next year’s holidays you will spend some time in my home country.

    Thank you.



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